1899 Clay County Plat Map

The Complete Atlas of Clay County, Minnesota is our oldest plat map showing property ownership. Fargo civil engineer Tudor Graves published the volume without a publication date. However, we compared the land owners’ names with indexes to land transactions and found the information accurate to early July, 1899. In addition to land ownership, some of the township plats (not all) show church, school and farm locations. A previous owner of the plate book made ink notations, scratch outs and additions on some plats and some names are smudged, but we’ve tried our best to produce legible scans. Click HERE for a current map of Clay County showing the township’ locations.

These plats are in Adobe Portable Digital File (PDF) format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view them.

Click on the links below for each township plat map. The files are fairly large (120k to 180k), it make take 10 to 15 seconds or more to download one.

Alliance Goose Prairie Moorhead
Barnesville Hagen Morken
Cromwell Hawley Oakport
Eglon Highland Grove Parke
Elkton Holy Cross Riverton
Elmwood Humboldt Skree
Felton Keene Spring Prairie
Flowing Kragnes Tansem
Georgetown Kurtz Ulen
Glyndon Moland Viding

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