History of Clay and Norman Counties -Biographies

In 1918, B.F. Bowen and Company of Indianapolis published the two volume A History of Clay and Norman Counties, Minnesota. Volume 1 features histories of the two counties’ schools, townships, villages and other institutions and events. Volume 2 is made up of 656 biographical sketches submitted for publication by and about Clay and Norman County residents. Former Clay County Superintendent of Schools John Turner and Norman County newspaper publisher C.K. Semling edited the submitted information into sketches, each titled for the principal featured individual. In some cases, the featured person was already dead by 1918. The sketches contain a lot of valuable genealogical information, often including references to the person’s parents, siblings, children, place of birth, immigration, etc. About 10% also include photos. We are currently in the process of scanning and compiling all 656 entries from Volume 2. In the future we may add the Volume 1 pages. The links below will lead you to the articles, arranged alphabetically by the name of the principal individual featured in the article.

The articles are in Adobe Portable Digital File (PDF) format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view them.

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