1933 Rural Directory

The Clay County Atlas and Directory – 1933 [B. Moore, Fargo, ND: 1933] contains plat maps showing property ownership in the rural areas of the county plus a listing of personal property tax payers in the villages of the county and rural townships whether they owned land or not. Here we’ve indexed and reproduced the list of rural township residents (in other words, folks living on farms.)

The rural resident list is apparently taken from the 1933 Personal Property Tax Assessment Rolls. These rolls no longer exist. Information recorded in the Directory includes the name of each taxpayer (businesses and partnerships included), the township where the property was located, the taxpayer’s post office and school district number, the value of the personal property in dollars and the number of milk cows owned. A number after the tax payer’s post office refers to his rural postal route.

The taxpayers are listed alphabetically. Search on the links below. Please remember that the directory publisher may have misspelled names or made mistakes. Some fields for some records are incomplete.

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