W – 1891

Walter Miss Cora N, teacher 1st ward school, bds 9th n e cor South Ave.

Warne Reuben, bds w s 4th 1 n of Kennedy.

Warner Ambrose J, eng R R Milling Co, res w s Ridge Ave 1 s of Howard.

Watson Miss Clara, teacher Prairie School, bds Whipple Hall.

Watson David R, student Normal School, bds Whipple Hall.

Watson John M, farmer, res Whipple Hall.

Watson Mrs John M, matron Whipple Hall.

Watson Miss Maavie F, student Normal School, bds Whipple Hall.

Weber Miss Mary L, teacher High School, bds 8th s w cor Garroway.

Webster Wm F, prin High School, bds 5th n e cor Garroway.

Wegner Herman, lab, res n s Elizabeth 1 w of Josephine.

Welter Leslie, dry goods n s Front 6 w of 7th, res w s 9th 1 s of Pearl.

Wensel Joseph (Lockwood & Wensel), res e s 3d 2s of James.

Wentzel Martin O, clk Louis Johnson, res Broadway s w cor Conie Ave.

West Alice, domestic F G Rodenkirch.

Westberg Edwin, carp, bds E M Westberg.

Westberg Erick M, lab, res w s 10th 2 s of Garroway.

Westberg Oscar, mason, bds E M Westberg.

Western Union Telegraph Co, Miss L A Carroll opr, Grand Pacific Hotel.

Westlund John, bartndr G E Flaten, bds Erickson House.

Westlund Samuel, lab, res w s Western Ave 4 n of Garland.

Wheelright Clara, clk, bds n s James 1 w of 5th.

Wheelright Nettie, domestic Whipple Hall.

Wheelright Theodore, eng, res n s James 1 w of 5th.

Whipple Hall, Mrs J M Watson matron, Douglas bet 6th and 7th.

White Almond A, real estate 8th s e cor Front, res n s Garroway 1 w of White.

Whyment Lizzie, waitress, Grand Pacific Hotel.

Whyment Frederick G, switchman N P R R, res 8th n e cor Barlow.

Wibe Christian, buttermkr Louis Johnson, bds Key City Hotel.

Wicklund Axel, mach Anderson Bros, res 15th nr Conie Ave.

Wije Andrew H, register of deeds, bds Jay Cooke House.

Williams Alexander, bds Exchange Hotel.

Whitcomb Charles, florist 10th s w cor Bernard, res same.

Whitcomb Cuthbert, hostler J H Campbell, bds same.

Wogman Nels, lab, bds n s Garroway 1 w of Manitoba Ave.

Wold Miss Annie, dressmkr, bds w s 1st opp Kennedy.

Wold John W, student Normal School, bds Garroway s w cor 6th.

Wold Leonard, lab, bds Louis Tuvaas.

Wold Stephen (Bodkin & Wold), res e s 5th 1 n of William.

Wood Mrs John, res e s 2nd 2 n of Kennedy.

Woodbury David P, farmer, res e s Manitoba Ave 1 s of N P track.

Woodward Miss Clara L, teacher Normal School, bds Whipple Hall.

Worden Eli, waiter Grand Pacific Hotel.

Wright Albert J (Beck and Wright), res William s e cor 6th.

Wright David, lab res William n e cor 9th

Wright Wm J, farmer, bds William n e cor 9th.

Wright Wm R, clk Beck & Wright, bds William s e cor 6th.

Wyllie Lelia A (wid John), confectionery n s Front 6 w of 6th, res same.

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