S – 1891

St John’s Church Record, Rev G A Harvey editor (monthly) published News office e s 5th 2 s of Main.

St John’s Episcopal Church, Rev G A Harvey rector, James n w cor 7th.

St Joseph’s Church, Rev Augustine Brockmeyer pastor, 4th s e cor Kennedy.

St Joseph’s School, 4th s e cor Kennedy.

Sabin Augustus D, res Sharp s e cor 10th.

Sabin Edward K, clk Louis Johnson, bds A D Sabin.

Saltwick Andrew, teamster, res w s 2nd 3 n of Kennedy.

Samson Adolph, shoemkr w s 4th 3 s of Front, rms n s Front 4 w of 6th.

Samuelson Annie, waitress Jay Cook House.

Sandie Rasmus S, driver J H Barnard, bds same.

Sannes Andrew, lab, bds e s 10th 1 n of James.

Sannes Charles J, grocer, w s 8th 2 n of Front, bds e s 10th 1 n of James.

Sannes Engebret, clk, bds e s 10th 1 n of James.

Sannes Martin J, clk C J Sannes, res e s 10th 1 n of James.

Saunders Charles, clk A E Daubner, rms Mason blk.

Scales Mrs Arvilla M, dressmkr e s 5th 3 s of James, res same.

Scales Miss Ella M, dressmkr, Mrs A M Scales, bds same.

Scales John R, res e s 5th 3 s of James.

Scales John R Jr, barber R K Neal, bds e s 5th 3 s of James.

Scarborough Theodore D, bartndr Grand Pacific Hotel bds same.

Schagel James D, res w s 4th 4 s of Kennedy.

Schagel Noble, bartnder Adolph Pritzel, bds L A Wyllie.

Schmidt G J, harnessmkr, bds Exchange Hotel.

Schreiber Sallie (wid Franklin J), res e s 8th 2 n of Kennedy.

Schroeder Frank J, woodwkr Anderson Bros, bds Cleveland House.

Schuneson John A, bds Jay Cook House.

Scott Robert, painter, res w s 15th 1 s of Bernard.

Seaherke Michael, lab, bds Cleveland House.

Seburg Andrew, boilmkr, bds Broadway s e cor Kennedy.

Seburg John, bds Broadway s e cor Kennedy.

Seburg Olof (Nelson Tveten & Seburg), res Broadway s e cor Kennedy.

Seger Alfred, brakeman, bds John Seger.

Seger John, baggageman, res e s 3d 1 n of Kennedy.

Selvick Jennie, domestic Grand Pacific Hotel.

Severson Miss Bertha, ironer W B Auxer, bds Fargo.

Sharp James H, mngr P M Sharp, res 5th n e cor Garroway.

Sharp P M, dry goods First Natl Bank blk, res 5th n e cor Garroway.

Sheffield George W, eng, res e s 8th 2 n of Kennedy.

Shellabarger Samuel A, lumber Main n e cor 6th, bds Jay Cooke House.

Sherier Julius M, observer U S Signal Service First Natl Bank blk, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Sherman Bion C, harnessmkr n s Front 5 w of 6th, rms same.

Shotwell Edgar R (W J Russell & Co), bds Mrs Young.

Sime Adam, lab, bds e s 1st 2 n of Ridge Ave.

Simmilkeir Miss Mildred E, teacher Prairie School, bds 9th n e cor South.

Simonsen Annie, ironer W B Auxer, bds T H Dahl.

Simonson Bros (Hans A and Simon D), saloon Front n e cor 4th.

Simonson Hans A (Simonson Bros), res w s 4th 5 s of Kennedy.

Simonson Knute (K Simonson & Co), res 5th n w cor Main.

Simonson K & Co (Knute Simonson, Henry Peterson), Second Hand Goods e s 4th 2 s of Front.

Simonson Simon, clothing, res s s Main 2 e of 6th.

Simonson Simon D (Simonson Bros), res Morgan Minnesota

Sivertson Annie, dressmkr, bds e s 3d 6 s of James.

Skarie Miss Mary B, student, bds W G Stewart.

Skarsten Rasmus, lab, bds Ole Langseth.

Slaten Cora, domestic J R Drady.

Sloggy Frank M, bartndr A E Daubner, rms Exchange Hotel.

Smallback Charles, wiper G N Ry, bds Farmers Home.

Smith Andrew W, barber Jay Cooke House, bds same.

Smith Charles J, harnessmkr B C Sherman, bds Jay Cooke House.

Smith David F, molder Anderson Bros, res Front s w cor 10th.

Smith Frank W, eng R R Milling Co, bds H N Smith.

Smith Horace N, eng Anderson Bros, res County road 1 w of 16th.

Solburg Clara, domestic L M Anderson.

Soldner Kate, clk W B Auxer, bds Fargo.

Solem Andrew, tailor C W Freeman, res e s 9th 1 n of Barlow.

Solem Andrew J, lab, bds e s 9th 1 n of Barlow.

Sontag Martin, driver Hansen Bros, bds Cleveland House.

Sorby Mathias L, driver John Drady, bds same.

Soreng Christine, domestic A J Wright.

South Luther D, farmer, res County Road 1 w of 15th.

South Sidney R, tmstr, res County Road 2 w of 15th.

South Sylvester S, farmer, res w s 9th 2 n of Partridge.

Spaulding Miss Hattie, milliner Mrs A V Oliver, bds Grand Pacific House.

Spelman Ellen G (wid John A), res w s 10th 2 s of William.

Spelman George C, student Normal School, bds w s 10th 2 s of William.

Sprague Elisha C, farmer, res 8th s w cor South Ave.

Stacey Frank N, brakeman G N Ry, bds Exchange Hotel.

Stake Edwin , lab, res e s 10th 2 s of Douglas.

Stalle Annie (wid John), res w s 1st opp Kennedy.

Stark August W, res e s Overbie 2 n of Douglas.

Steinke Robert, cooper Joseph Jenister, bds Erickson House.

Stendahl Augusta, domestic T C Kurtz.

Stewart Wm G, baggageman G N Ry, res w s 10th 1 s of Kennedy.

Stevens Franklin J, lab, res w s 9th 1 s of Conie Ave.

Stevenson Steven, lab, res s s Douglas 1 w of Overbie.

Still John, farmer, res s s William 2 w of 8th.

Still Wm J, farmer, res s s William 1 e of 8th.

Stol Andrew N, lab, res w s Broadway 2 n of Kennedy.

Stone George, harnessmkr Moorhead Harness Co, res Fargo.

Storey Thomas, tel opr G N Ry, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Stoutenburg Fred, lab, res Manitoba Ave s e cor Garroway.

Strand Eugene H, packer R R Milling Co, res n s William 2 e of Josephine.

Strand Halver, res Overbie n e cor Douglas.

Strate Hans P, county treasurer, res w s Ridge Ave 2 n of William.

Stromberg Albert, lab C M Olson, bds same.

Strub Ferdinand, baker w s 4th 5 n of Front, res same.

Stuart Walter E, lab, res w s Western Ave 2 n of Garland.

Sullivan Patrick J, chief of police, res e s 2d 2 s of Kennedy.

Swanholrn Justus E, bartndr N S Nelson, bds s s James 2 e of 4th.

Swanson Anton, lab, res w s Bismarck 1 s of Pearl.

Swanson Emma, laundress Jay Cooke House.

Swanson Hokan, carp, res e s 15th 2 s of Conie Ave.

Swanson John, propr Erickson House, n s Front 3 w of 4th.

Swanson Julius, res w s 9th 2 s of Douglas.

Swanson Samuel, lab R R Milling Co, res Bismarck nr 13th.

Swanson Selma, waitress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Swanson Swan W, clk, res e s 6th 3 n of Garroway.

Swedberg Elner, clk, bds w s 9th 1 s of Conie Ave.

Swedberg Magnus, janitor Merchants Bank, res w s 9th 1 s of Conie Ave.

Swedish Lutheran Church, Rev S A Lindholm pastor, William s w cor 6th.

Swedish Mission House, n s Conie Ave 2 e of 10th.

Swedman Andrew J, lab, res e s 10th 2 s of Pearl.

Swenson Rev Swen G, teacher Hope Academy, res n s Bernard 1 e of 10th.

Swenson Swen G, lab, res n s South Ave 1 w of Broadway.

Syron Michael, lawyer and propr Central Hotel, res 4th n w cor James.

Syverson Andrew, carp, res Ridge Ave s e cor 1st.

Syverson Carl O, carp, bds Ridge Ave s e cor 1st.

Syverson Gustaf A, carp, bds Ridge Ave s e cor 1st.

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