R – 1891

Raastad John A, bds Howard nr Comstock.

Raastad Ole J, lab, res Howard near Comstock.

Ranney Reuben W, artesian water w s 6th 1 s of Barlow, res same.

Rasmusson Halver, clk district court, office n s James 2 w of 8th, res w s 3d 3 n of Kennedy.

Rasmusson Hans J, carp, res w s 4th 1 s of Garland.

Rasmusson Miss Julia P, bds w s 3d 3 n of Kennedy.

Rasmusson Rudolph T, bds w s 3d 3 n of Kennedy.

Raymond Kittie, res Front s e cor Broadway.

Red River Milling Co, Forrester Bros propr, flour mill, Main s w cor Ridge Ave.

Red River Valley Investment Co, G N Farwell pres, G E Perley sec, Merchants Bank blk.

Reeves Dollie, bds Front s e cor Broadway.

Relling Fred, car repairer G N Ry, bds w s 2nd 2 s of Kennedy.

Remley Miss Barbara M, student Normal School, bds Cleveland House.

Remley Charles E, clk J F Holmes & Co, bds Cleveland House.

Remley Miss Constance A, bds Cleveland House.

Remley Frank, foreman Lamb Bros, bds Cleveland house.

Remley Frank X, propr Cleveland House, w s 5th 3 s of James.

Remley Miss Lizzie, clk Leslie Welter, bds Cleveland House.

Remley Miss Mary C, bds Cleveland House.

Reynolds Jacob W, hostler A B Daubner, res w s 4th 6 n of Front.

Richter Daniel, lawyer, bds w s 1st 3 s of Kennedy.

Ridgener Louis, lab, bds H N Smith.

Riedinger John C, clk Cleveland House.

Riedinger Louis, tmstr Lamb Bros, bds Cleveland House.

Riemer Nels J, res w s 4th 3 n of James.

Riggers Rev Henry, teacher Hope Academy, bds same.

Roach George, lab N P R R, bds Farmers Home.

Robole Louise H, dressmkr, bds Andrew Monson.

Robolle Carrie, domestic M W Barnard.

Rocheleau Wm F, teacher Normal School, res 6th n e cor Garroway.

Rodenkirch Frank G, farmer, res e s Western Ave 1 n of Garland.

Rogers Hudson, grocer Front n e cor 5th, res Barlow n e cor 7th.

Rogers Wm, clk Hudson Rogers, bds same.

Rood Ole, cook Grand Pacific Hotel.

Root Frank, lab, bds Key City Hotel.

Ross Adrian, lawyer s s Front 2 e of 4th, res same.

Roundal Miss Emma, domestic J R Scales.

Ruf Frank A, harnessmkr B C Sherman, n s Front 6 w of 6th.

Ruffcorn David, lab, bds 6th s e cor James.

Ruffcorn Oliver, hostler J H Campbell, res w s 6th 2 n of Front.

Rumney Harriet L (wid Wm), bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Rundgren Charles J, lab, bds w s Josephine 2 s of William.

Rundgren Frank A, lab, bds w s Josephine 2 s of William.

Rundgren Helen (wid Israel), res w s Josephine 2 s of William.

Rusness Carl J, clk Moorhead News, bds 8th s w cor William.

Rusness Caroline, dressmkr, bds w s 2d 2 s of Kennedy.

Rusness John, lab, res 8th s w cor William.

Russell Edward R, clk First Nat’l Bank, res Fargo.

Russell Wm J (W J Russell & Co), bds Fargo.

Russell W J & Co (Wm J Russell, Edgar R Shotwell), grain and stock brokers Grand Pacific Hotel.

Rustad Henry, brtndr Jay Cooke House, bds same.

Ryan James, farmer, bds s s Douglas 1 e of 8th.

Ryden Axel, lab, bds w s 9th 2 n of Garfield.

Rydman Mary, waitress Grand Pacific Hotel.

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