P – 1891

Palace The, A E Daubner propr, Mason blk.

Palm Edwin W, res Garroway n w cor 6th.

Park Mrs James D, res e s 3d 3 s of James.

Park Miss Rebecca, teacher, bds e s 3d 3 s of James.

Park Wm, student Normal School, bds e s 3d 3 s of James.

Parker Clarence H, bds w s 8th 1 n of William.

Parker Wm H, res w s 8th 1 n of William.

Partridge Mrs Amelia (wid Walter), milliner Mrs T L Torrance, res Ridge Ave s w cor William.

Patchen Ira P, barber Wm Vachon, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Paulson Annie, starcher W B Auxer.

Paulson Lumber Yard The, J A Chesley propr, O M Paulson mngr, James n e cor 5th.

Paulson Ole M, mngr Paulson Lumber Yard, res e s 6th 2 s of James.

Payne Harry, res n end of Western Ave nr river bank.

Pearson Hokan, farmer, res 15th s e cor Conie Ave.

Pearson Nels P, lab, bds 15th s e cor Bernard.

Pederson Peter, clk Martin Hector, res Fargo.

Pederson Ralph, clk Martin Hector, res Fargo.

Perley George E, Law, Insurance, Real Estate and Secy Red River Valley Investment Co Merchants Bank blk, res w s Ridge Ave 2 n of Garroway.

Perry George N, trav agt, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Peterson Andrew, bell boy Grand Pacific Hotel.

Peterson Carrie, cook Jay Cooke House.

Peterson Charles F, tel opr G N Ry, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Peterson Christine, domestic Knute Fristad.

Peterson Ellen, domestic Mrs Eliza Goebel.

Peterson Frank H (Peterson & Torgerson), res s s Garroway 1 w of White.

Peterson Gustaf, molder Anderson Bros, res w s 10th 1 s of Garroway.

Peterson Gustaf, lab, bds Garroway n w cor Grove.

Peterson Henry (K Simonson & Co), res s s Garroway 1 e of 10th.

Peterson Inga (wid Peter C), res Western Ave n e cor Kennedy.

Peterson James, drayman, res Garrowav n w cor Grove.

Peterson John, clk, res 3d s e cor Garland.

Peterson John R, bds e s Overbie 1 s of Howard.

Peterson Kolben, lab Anderson Bros, res s s Garland 2 e of 3d.

Peterson Lewis, bartndr Simonson Bros, bds e s Overbie 1 s of Howard.

Peterson Lottie, washer W B Auxer.

Peterson Magnus, lab, res 4th s w cor William.

Peterson Martha, domestic Jay Cooke House.

Peterson Mary, dressmkr, bds n s Kennedy 2 w of 4th.

Peterson Matilda, domestic A G Lewis.

Peterson Melka, carp Joseph Hansman, bds same.

Peterson Nellie, domestic Daniel Titus.

Peterson Nels, lab, res river bank nr Sharp.

Peterson Ole (Hanson & Peterson), res s s Main 1 w 4th.

Peterson Otto, grocer s s Front 2 e of 8th, res same.

Peterson Peter, packer R R Milling Co, res 3d s e cor Kennedy.

Peterson Peter, lab Stephen Wold, bds same.

Peterson Peter E, bartndr C O Kjos, bds same.

Peterson Peter G, lab, res w s 4th 1 s of Garland.

Peterson Rasmus, lab, res e s Overbie 1 s of Howard.

Peterson & Torgerson (Frank H Peterson, Samuel Torgerson), lawyers, First Nat’l Bank blk.

Pickering Richard, watchman G N Ry, res Fargo.

Pierce Elias C, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Platt Mary A (wid Wellington), res e s Manitoba Ave 2 n of N P track.

Pleasants Miss Emma S, teacher Normal School, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Porteous David V, carp, e s 5th 3 s of James, res e s 9th 2 n of Douglas.

Post office, W H Davy postmaster, n s Front 5 e of 6th.

Prairie Home Cemetery, e s 8th bet Wabash Ave and Douglas.

Prairie Home Cemetery Association, O C Beck secretary, office n s Front 7 w of 7th.

Prairie School, Bismarck bet Pearl and Partridge.

Pratt Seldon B, tmstr S R South, bds same.

Preston John J, foreman G N Ry, res n s Conie Ave 1 w of 10th.

Pritzel Adolph, saloon n s Front 7 e of 5th, res w s 4th 3 s of Kennedy.

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