L – 1891

Lamb Bros (John and Patrick H), brick mnfrs, 5th n e cor Main.

Lamb John (Lamb Bros), res 10th cor William.

Lamb Patrick H (Lamb Bros), res 6th cor Main.

Lamphere George N (Bodkin & Co), editor and publisher Moorhead News, e s 5th 2 s of Main, res e s 7th 2 s of William.

Lancaster Charles F, clk Grand Pacific Hotel.

Landa Gustava, dressmkr, bds n s Kennedy 1 w of 4th.

Langseth Andrew O, lab, bds Ole Langseth.

Langseth Louis O, bartndr Ole Langseth, bds same.

Langseth Ole, saloon n s Front 5 e of 5th, res same.

Lapetina Nicholas, lab, res n s Main 3 e of 4th.

Larson Alfred, lab, res s s Conie Ave 1 e of 10th.

Larson Anders, farmer, res e s 15th 1 s of Conie Ave.

Larson Andrew, farmer, res e s 15th 3 s of Conie Ave.

Larson Miss Blanda, dressmkr, bds w s Bismarck 1 n of Pearl.

Larson Charles, driver Lockwood & Wensel, bds Erickson House.

Larson Christine (wid Hans), bds 3d s w cor Garland.

Larson Miss Garda M, teacher, bds w s Bismarck 1 n of Pearl.

Larson Hannah (wid Andrew), res w s Bismarck 1 n of Pearl.

Larson Hans, lab, res s s Barlow 1 e of White.

Larson Kate, polisher W B Auxer, bds F H Dahl.

Larson Knute, painter, bds e s Overbie 1 n of Howard.

Larson Louis, bartndr Fred Ambs, res e s 3d 2 n of Kennedy.

Larson Mary (wid Louis), bds 3d s e cor Garland.

Larson Nels (Johnson & Larson), res 3d s w cor Garland.

Laskey John W, lab, res 10th s e cor Bernard.

La Valley Joseph L, stock, res e s 5th 2 s of James.

Lee Christine, cook Whipple Hall.

Lee John P, farmer, res e s 1st 1 s of Kennedy.

Lee Knute, lab, bds Erickson House.

Lemar Blanche, bds Front s e Broadway.

Leslie Christine, domestic T E Dickey.

Levitre Louis, butcher Hansen Bros, bds Jay Cooke House.

Lewis Arthur G, county auditor, res s s Garroway opp 5th.

Lewis Thomas I, jeweler n s Front 5 w of 7th, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Ligaarden Nettie O, domestic Erich Hansen.

Lincoln John A, lab, res County Road 1 w of 15th.

Lindberg Leonard, shoemkr A G Anderson, bds same.

Linder Charles, driver Louis Johnson, res e s Broadway 1 n of Kennedy.

Lindholm Swen A, pastor Swedish Luthern Church, res William s w cor 6th.

Lindstrom Ella, domestic Whipple Hall.

Linner Carrie, domestic S F Crockett.

Lloyd Anthony, lab, res n s Garroway 2 e of 6th.

Lloyd Miss Hattie, bds n s Garroway 2 e of 6th.

Lochen Segvert A, clothing Kiefer blk, res w s Ridge Ave 1 n of Garroway.

Lockwood Frank (Lockwood & Wensel), res n s William 1 e of 5th.

Lockwood & Wensel (Frank Lockwood, Joseph Wensel), meatmkt n s Front 2 w of 4th.

Loden Miss Sina, dressmkr, res e s 4th 3 s of James.

Longley Alva L, bkpr J A Shellabarger, res n s Main 2 w of 5th.

Lord Livingston C, pres Moorhead State Normal School, res e s of 4th 2 s of Barlow.

Lund Hans, bricklayer, res Main s e cor 5th.

Lundin Ole, farmer, res South Ave s e cor 10th.

Lundin O M, lab, res w s 10th 1 n of Douglas.

Lundwall Peter A blksmith s s Main 2 w of 4th, res same.

Lyman Ida M (wid Henry), teacher Central School, bds w s 6th 2 n of Barlow.

Lyman Jonathan C, farmer, res e s 13th 3 n of James.

Lysaker Andrew P, bartndr Simonson Bros, bds Hans Simonson.

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