J – 1891

Johnson Erick, yardman Grand Pacific Hotel.

Johnson Frank, car repr G N Ry, bds n s Kennedy 1 w of 9th.

Johnson Frank, lab, res Conie Ave n e cor 10th.

Johnson Miss Huldah S, bds Barlow n w cor 6th.

Johnson Johan C H, bkpr, res James s e cor 3d.

Johnson John, res Barlow n w cor 6th.

Johnson John, painter e s 6th 2 n of Front, res w s Ridge Ave 1 s of Douglas.

Johnson John E, wagonmkr n s Main 2 w of 4th, bds Barlow n w cor 6th.

Johnson John M, lab, res 15th n e cor Bernard.

Johnson John S (Johnson & Larson), bds Jay Cooke House.

Johnson Lars, bds N M Newquist.

Johnson Lizzie, washer W B Auxer, bds Fargo.

Johnson Louis, creamery e s 8th 1 n of Main and grocer n s Front 4 w of 7th, res 9th opp Conie Ave.

Johnson Louis, lamplighter, res Douglas n e cor Grove.

Johnson Louisa (wid Andrew), res w s 4th 5 s of Kennedy.

Johnson Miss Mary, matron Hope Academy.

Johnson Nels, blksmith Anderson Bros, res e s 3d 2 n James.

Johnson Oscar, farmer, res 10th s e cor Pearl.

Johnson Peter, cooper D V Dudrey, bds s s Main 2 w of 4th.

Johnson Peter, lab, bds Moorhead House.

Johnson Samuel, bartndr Peter Nelson, res Fargo.

Johnson Swan, lab, bds Erickson House.

Johnson Swen A, lab, res e s 9th 1 n of Barlow.

Johnson Syvert, lab, res w s 9th 2 n of Barlow.

Johnson Tilda, domestic W B Douglas.

Johnson Tillie, laundress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Johnson Zadock, gardener, res 6th s w cor South Ave.

Johnson & Larson (John S Johnson, Nels Larson), saloon w s 4th 3 n of Front.

Johnston David, lab, bds e s 5th 2 s of James.

Jorgenson Andrew, porter Grand Pacific Hotel.

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