H – 1891

Hagelin Enoch, res w s 1st 1 s of Garland.

Hagle Louis, lab N P R R.

Hagle Mons A, lab N P R R, res e s 15th 2 n of Bernard.

Haglund Olaf, lab, res 10th s w cor Pearl.

Hale Miss A Calista, teacher Central School, bds Whipple Hall.

Hale Louis, woodwkr Anderson Bros, res w s 16th 1 s of Bernard.

Hall Ella M, cook Exchange Hotel.

Halsing Ole T, carp, res s s Garroway 5 w of White.

Halsing Theodore, carp, bds O T Halsing.

Halvorson Andrew, lab, bds Moorhead House.

Halvorson Mary, domestic Joseph La Valley.

Halvorson Ole, lab, bds Farmers Home.

Hamre Hans, eng Jay Cooke House, bds same.

Hancock Miss Ida K, teacher Central school, bds Whipple Hall.

Hansch Gustav J, harnessmkr Moorhead Harness Co, bds Exchange Hotel.

Hansen Block, n s Front 5 e of 4th.

Hansen Bros (Erich and John P), proprs city meat market, Hansen blk.

Hansen Hon Erich (Hansen Bros), mayor of Moorhead, res 5th s w cor William.

Hansen John P (Hansen Bros), res Barlow s e cor 4th.

Hansman Joseph, carpenter, contractor and house moving e s 4th 3 n of James, res s s Kennedy 1 e of 1st.

Hansmann Michael, carp, res n s Bernard 1 e of 9th.

Hanson Ellen M, dressmkr, bds Samuel Anderson.

Hanson George, confectioner n s Front 2 w of 7th, bds Farmers Home.

Hanson John, painter, res n s Kennedy 3 w of 4th.

Hanson John H (Hanson & Peterson), res w s 4th 1 s of Main.

Hanson Julia, dressmkr Miss A C Miller, bds O E Flaten.

Hanson Mary, student, bds Douglas s w cor 9th.

Hanson & Peterson (John H Hanson, Ole Peterson),saloon, 4th n w cor Main.

Harrington Charles L, tel opr N P R R, bds Jay Cooke House.

Harrington Joseph R , lab, res e s of 13th 2 n of James.

Harvey Rev George A, pub St John’s Church Record, pastor St John’s Episcopal church, res James n e cor 6th.

Harvey Harrrison, farmer, res n end Western Ave nr river bank.

Haug Tillie, domestic J H Barnard.

Haugen Ole H, painter John Johnson, res Fargo.

Hayden George H, clk Exchange Hotel.

Hector Martin, wholesale liquors and cigars 4th n w cor Front, res Fargo.

Hedlund Ada, domestic Elijah Houck.

Hedlund Otto, lab, res n s of Washington 3 w of 9th.

Heglund Louis, lab, res w s 10th 1 n of Bernard.

Helion John L, foreman N P R R, res Front s e cor 9th.

Hennebohle Frederick, res Front n w cor 7th.

Herrick Miss Mary, bds 4th s w cor Kennedy.

Herrick Michael J, blksmith e s 4th 4 n of Front, res 4th s w cor Kennedy.

Hetland Benedict J, carp, res w s 2nd 2 s of Kennedy.

Hetland Bernard B, clk Asselstine & Fischer, res e s 3d 6 s of James.

Hetland Miss Caroline S, clk Asselstine & Fischer, bds w s 2nd 2 s of Kennedy.

Hetland Jalmer, bds w s 2nd 2 s of Kennedy.

Hetland Louisa, dressmkr, bds w s 2nd 2 s of Kennedy.

Higgins Mary (wid Wm H), res Conie Ave n e cor 9th.

High School Bldg, Barlow s e cor 8th.

Hill Charles B, sheriff Clay Co, res Garfield bet 9th and 10th.

Hodges George W. lab, res w s 1st 3 s of Kennedy.

Hodges Wray J, clk, bds w s 1st 3 s of Kennedy.

Hodgkinson James, tinner John Holmgren, bds Jay Cooke House.

Hoff Agnethe, domestic J H Sharp.

Hogan John E, switchman N P R R, bds 10th se cor Bernard.

Hogen Bent, carp, res w s Marion Ave 1 s of Sharp.

Holbeck Christian, propr Farmer’s Home, James n w cor Broadway.

Holbeck Herman, clk Farmer’s Home.

Holbeck Nels, turnkey County Jail, bds same.

Holes Andrew, Real Estate n s James opposite 7th, res same.

Holm Iver, hostler Grand Pacific Hotel.

Holm Peter A, tmstr, res w s Western Ave 3 n of Garland.

Holmes Charles, mach, res Douglas s w cor 9th.

Holmes Charles R, clk J F Holmes & Co, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Holmes C A E, teacher Hope Academy, bds same.

Holmes James F (J F Holmes & Co), res Fargo.

Holmes J F & Co (James F and Samuel A Holmes), Clothing, Boots and Shoes Mason blk.

Holmes Samuel A (J F Holmes & Co), bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Holmes Miss Tillie, teacher High School, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Holmgren Axel, bartndr John Swanson, bds same.

Holmgren John, hardware n s Front 4 w of 6th, rms same.

Hope Academy, Prof S A Challman Prin, Rev Svante Udden Financial Mngr, Pearl n w cor Broadway.

Hopkins Julia (wid James), res n s Howard 1 e of Grove.

Houck Elijah, gardner, res river bank nr Adams.

Houck Elmer, lab, bds Farmer’s Home.

Hunt Wm A, trav agt, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Hyde Zachary, meat market, res Garroway n e cor Broadway.

Hysjulien Evan I, student Normal School.

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