G – 1891

Gagnon L Napoleon, bkpr Minneapolis Brewing and Malting Co, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Game Clifford, student, bds e s 3d 2 s of Kennedy.

Gates Stephen, carp, res Douglas n e cor 9th.

George John N, clk Beck & Wright, bds Jay Cooke House.

George Joseph A, brakeman G N Ry, res n s Kennedy 1 w of 10th.

Giblin Patrick, eng G N Ry, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Giffin Mrs Augusta, res n s William 2 e of Josephine.

Gilbertson Gilbert, porter, res w s Western Ave 3 n of Garland.

Gilbertson Ole, bds w s Western Ave 1 n of Kennedy.

Gillaspie Charles, clk L B Branch, res s s Kennedy 3 w of 4th.

Gimmenson Guina, laundress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Gimmenson Nellie, domestic Grand Pacific Hotel.

Gletne John A, saloon Front n e cor 4th, res n s Front 2 w of 4th.

Gletne Thomas A, bartndr J A Gletne, bds same.

Goebe1 Eliza (wid Carl), res w s Ridge Ave opp Barlow.

Goldthwaite Miss Lena H, teacher Normal School, bds Whipple Hall.

Goode J Paul, prof natural sciences Normal School, bds Whipple Hall.

Goodsell Fred (W H Davy & Co), res w s 8th 1 n of Garroway.

Gordon Charles E F, farmer, res s s Douglas 1 e of 8th.

Gore Charles H, farmer, res e s Broadway 1 s of Sharp.

Gorman Edward, ydmaster, res e s 4th 3 n of Main.

Gould Wm G, dairyman, res James e of city limits.

Grace M E Church, William s e cor 4th.

Graffert Hannah, domestic J H Mason.

Graffert Mary, domestic J H Mason.

Grand Pacific Hotel, H A Bruns propr, Front n w cor 9th.

Grant Hans B, farmer, bds Exchange Hotel.

Grauert Wm H, lab, bds Farmers Home.

Great Northern Round House, Park Ave at R R crossing.

Greene John F, lawyer, First National Bank blk, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Grimes Ella, waitress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Grimes Mary, waitress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Grover Oscar T, lab Elijah Houck, bds same.

Guiness Rena, domestic Grand Pacific Hotel.

Gunderson Andrew, farmer, res e s 3d 5 s of James.

Gunderson Annie (wid Ole), res 3d s e cor Kennedy.

Gunderson Miss Annie F, bds e s 3d 5 s of James.

Gunderson Tilde, bds Mrs Ingo Peterson.

Gunderson Miss Tillie M, clk P M Sharp, bds e s 3d 5 s of James.

Gwilliam George, fireman G N Ry, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

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