F – 1891

Farmer’s Home, Christian Holbeck propr, James cor Broadway.

Farwell George N, pres R R Valley Investment Co, res Claremont N H.

Faust Nels, hostler Jay Cooke House.

Fay Edward, clk postoffice, res e s 3d 3 n of Kennedy.

Fay Edward Jr, clk postoffice, bds Edward Fay.

Fay Thomas F, clk Hudson Rogers, bds Edward Fay.

Fay Wm P, asst postmaster, bds Edward Fay.

Feiling George, lab, res 10th nr Partridge.

Feiling Maggie, domestic N U Blackmore.

Feleide Maggie (wid Hans), res Overbie n e cor Douglas.

Fevig George L, clk Otto Peterson, res 10th s w cor Conie Ave.

Finkle Catherine (wid Henry), res Kennedy n e cor 2nd.

Finstad Louis L, clk John Holmgren, res w s 1st 2 s of Kennedy.

First National Bank, F J Burnham Pres, W H Davy V-Pres, O J Qualley Cashr, Front n w cor 6th.

First National Bank Block, Front n w cor 6th.

First Presbyterian Church, Rev H P Barnes pastor, William s e cor 5th.

First Ward School, 3d s w cor Kennedy.

Fischer Vitalis (Asselstine & Fischer), bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Fisher Charles, lab, bds Cleveland House.

Fitzgerald Thomas A, cook Grand Pacific Hotel, res w s 3d 4 n of Kennedy.

Flaten Miss Annie E, retoucher O E Flaten, bds same.

Flaten Erick E, bartndr G E Flaten, rms n s Front 4 w of 6th.

Flaten George E, saloon n s Front 6 w of 5th, rms n s Front 4 w of 6th.

Flaten Ole B, printer O E Flaten, bds Jay Cooke House.

Flaten Ole E, Photographer s s Front 1e of 4th, res s s Main 1 e of 4th.

Flaten Ove W, retoucher O E Flaten, bds Jay Cooke House.

Flore John, carp, res Douglas s w cor Grove.

Flow John, painter, bds w s Grove 3 s of Douglas.

Follo Mary, domestic W F Rocheleau.

Foote Miss Zelpha, teacher, bds w s 6th 1 s of Barlow.

Ford Miss Ellen A, teacher Normal School, bds Whipple Hall.

Forrester Bros (George A & Wm J), Proprs Red River Milling Co, west end of Main St.

Forrester Fred F, emp R R Milling Co, bds G W Olds.

Forrester George A (Forrester Bros), bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Forrester Wm J (Forrester Bros), bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Forsberg Nels, lab John Erickson, bds Erickson House.

Forstberg Mathias, comp Moorhead News, bds Jay Cooke House.

Forsythe Andrew, res e s 4th 2 s of James.

Forthum Christine, domestic Grand Pacific Hotel.

Four Hannah, waitress Key City Hotel.

Foss Ole, painter, bds Moorhead House.

Fost Andrew, lab, res w s 3d 2 s of Garland.

Foster Fred, farmer, bds Exchange Hotel.

Freeman Claes W, tailor Front s w cor 9th, res w s 8th 1 n of Douglas.

Freeman Hannah, domestic S G Comstock.

Friberg Andrew G, janitor Normal School, res w s 8th 2 n of Douglas.

Fridlund John, res e s 1st 1 s of Garland.

Frigstad Knute R, janitor High School, res e s 3d 2 s of Kennedy.

Fuhr Stena (wid Hans), res n s Kennedy 1 w of 9th.

Fuller Edward F, tmnstr, res n s Main 1 e of 12th.

Fuller George F, trav agt, res s s Garroway 3 w of White.

Fuller Mrs Sophronia, res n s William 1 e of 12th.

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