C – 1891

Caldwell John A, carp, res e s Bismarck 1 n of Barlow.

Calkins Horace, farmer, res w s 16th 3 s of Bernard.

Campbell James H, livery w s 6th 2 s of James, res James n w cor 6th.

Campbell Susan (wid John W), bds A G Lewis.

Carey Miss Alice M, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Carlander Claus O, bricklayer, res e s 10th 1 s of Garroway.

Carlson Ansten, res n s Conie Ave 3 e of 10th.

Carlson Carl, lab, res e s Western Ave 1 s of Garland.

Carlson Charles, boilermkr Anderson Bros, res Fargo.

Carlson Christine, domestic F E Briggs.

Carlson Frank A, lab, bds n s Garroway 1 w of Manitoba Ave.

Carlstrom Andrew, bartender Johnson & Larson, bds Erickson House.

Carroll Miss Lillie A, opr Western Union, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Carrow August F, lab, res w s Comstock 2 n of Garroway.

Carrow Richard, bds A F Carrow.

Cavallin Spencer, clk Paul van Vlissingen Jr, bds w s 6th 2 n of Barlow.

Cedar Matilda (wid Albert), bds William s w cor 6th.

Central Hotel, Michael Syron propr, 4th sw cor James.

Central School, High School bldg.

Challman Prof Samuel A, prinl Hope Academy, res same.

Chamberlain Albert E, res 4th n e cor James.

Chamberlain Mrs Celia L, dressmkr, res 4th n e cor James.

Chamberlin Wells E, well digger, res Broadway s w cor Bernard.

Chapman Cyril H, lab Elijah Houck, bds same.

Chesley James A, lumber, James n e cor 5th, res Fargo.

Christianson Ole, clk Ole Martinson, res Ridge Ave n w cor William.

Christianson Swan, plasterer, res w s 10th 1 n of Conie Ave.

City Hall, Front s w cor 5th.

City Jail, 8th n w cor James.

Clarity Peter L, ticket agt G N Ry and agt Am Express Co res Main s e cor 6th.

Clark Benjamin, feed mill, 8th n w cor Main, res same.

Claydon Leonard E, clk B F Mackall, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Clayson Gustaf, driver Martin Hector, res Fargo.

Cleveland House, F X Remley propr, w s 5th 3 s of James.

Clifford Joseph, blksmith, res w s 16th 3 s of Bernard.

Colberg Jacob, cabinetmkr Beck & Wright, res William s e cor 6th.

Colby Mary (wid Carlos), bds s s Front 2 e of 4th.

Cole Wm H, farmer, bds Farmers Home.

Comstock Mary L, student Normal School, bds 8th s e cor South Ave.

Comstock Solomon G, real estate, 8th s e cor Front, res 8th cor South Ave.

Cook Rasmus, lab K Simonson & Co, bds s s Garroway 1 e of 10th.

Cooley Andrew, woodwkr Anderson Bros, bds e s 3d 2 s of Kennedy.

Cooper Elizabeth A (wid John R), bds e s 8th 4 n of Kennedy.

Cooper Jesse M, conductor G N Ry, res e s 8th 4 n of Kennedy.

Coopic Martha, domestic Cleveland House.

Corbin Rebecca H (wid Charles), bds Andrew Holes.

Cosgrove Robert, watchman N P R R, bds Exchange Hotel.

Costello Daniel, warehouseman N P R R, bds 6th s w cor James.

Costello Timothy, res 6th s w cor James.

County Court House, Garfield bet 10th and Broadway.

County Jail, C B Hill sheriff, Garfield bet 9th and 10th.

Crane Charles, miller R R Milling Co, bds Exchange Hotel.

Crockett Miss Clara, B, teacher Prairie School, bds 9th n e cor South Ave.

Crockett S Frank, lumber, res Ridge Ave s w cor Garroway.

Cryer Miss Margery, teacher Central School, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Curfman McClellen, drayman, res s s Kennedy bet 4th and river bank.

Curfman Sylvester, driver Thompson Bros, bds Wm Thompson.

Curran Elizabeth (wid James), bds w s 16th 2 s of Bernard.

Curran Thomas H, policeman, res w s 16th 2 s of Bernard.

Czizek Peter (Czizek & Edwards), res w s 4th 1 n of Kennedy.

Czizek & Edwards (Peter Czizek, Charles J Edwards), meat market n s Front 3 w of 7th.

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