B – 1891

Babst Henry L, clk Paul van Vlissingen Jr, res w s Ridge Ave 3 n of William.

Backman Ole L, lab, res e s 1st 3 n of Kennedy.

Baker John M, clk Wyllie & Co, bds L A Wyllie.

Baker Wm H, farmer, res n end of Western Ave nr river bank.

Bagley Harvey W, contractor, res 9th s e cor South Ave.

Bagley Miss Nanita M V, student Normal School, bds 9th s e cor South Ave.

Baldwin Charles, student Normal School, bds 9th s e cor South Ave.

Barclay Fred L, bkpr, bds s s William 2 e of 7th.

Barclay Wm H, res s s William 2 e of 7th.

Barnard James H, drayman s s Front 2 w of 6th, res Garroway s e cor Ridge Ave.

Barnard Malvin W, coal & wood s s Front 2 w of 6th, res w s 4th 3 s of William.

Barnes Rev Hiram P, pastor First Presbyterian church, res w s 2nd 2 n of Kennedy.

Battles Felix, barber, res s s Sharp 2 e of 10th.

Bear Charles W, bds Jay Cook House.

Beattie Frank, bkpr R R Milling Co, res Fargo.

Beck Charles, clk E J Eckart & Co, rms n s Front 4 w of 6th.

Beck Olaf J, upholsterer Beck & Wright, bds Cleveland House.

Beck Ole C (Beck & Wright), res 6th n e cor William.

Beck & Wright (Ole C Beck, Albert J Wright), furniture, undertaking and sewing machines n s Front 7 w of 7th.

Beckman Louis, lab, bds w s 2nd 3 n of Kennedy.

Beham Ira J, lab J H Barnard, bds same.

Bell John J, propr Exchange Hotel e s 8th 2 s of Front,

Bennett George, butcher Hansen Bros, bds Exchange Hotel.

Benson Christine, domestic Edward Gorman.

Benson James, fireman Grand Pacific Hotel.

Benson John, driver John Erickson, res e s 4th nr river bank.

Benson Swan P, lab W H Davy & Co, res n s Conie Ave 3 e of 10th.

Berg Charles, janitor First National Bank, res e s 1st 2 s of Garland.

Berg Inga O, domestic L A Wyllie.

Berg Tillie, domestic Robert Enegren,

Berggren Frank O, plasterer, res n s Pearl 1 w of 9th.

Berglund George, servant S G Comstock.

Berglund George C, student Normal School, bds n s Main 2 e of 9th.

Berglund Louisa, dressmkr, bds e s 6th 3 n of Garroway.

Berglund Miss Nettie E (Torgerson & Co), bds Hansen blk.

Berglund Olof G, lab, res n s Main 2 e of 9th.

Bergstrom John, lab, res w s 9th 1 n of Bernard.

Berkev Miss Maria, milliner Mrs T L Torrence, res Fargo.

Bjerk Arne (Bjerk & Elstad), bds n s Main 3 w of 4th.

Bjerk & Elstad (Arne Bjerk, Bernt H Elstad),saloon n s Main 3 w of 4th.

Bjerkeeg George C, lab, bds e s 1st 1 s of Kennedy.

Bjorge Ole, carp, res w s Western Ave 5 n of Garland.

Bjorkquist Andrew M, carp, res 10th n e cor South Ave.

Bjorkquist Carl, bricklayer, res 10th n e cor South Ave.

Bjorkquist Edward L, bricklayer, res w s 6th 2 n of Barlow.

Bjorkquist John L, carp, res e s 8th 5 n of Kennedy.

Bjorndahl Carrie, waitress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Blackmore Nathan U, dairyman, res n s Conie Ave 2 e of 9th.

Blair Lemuel S, carp, res w s Broadway 1 n of Partridge.

Blanchard James B, res e s 8th 3 n of Kennedy.

Blatz Rudolph, brewer John Erickson, bds Key City Hotel.

Blegen Olaus A (Blegen & Anderson), res n s Main 2 e of 4th.

Blegen & Anderson (Olaus Blegen, Nels Anderson), Saloon w s 4th 2 n of Front.

Bly Andrew H, eng Grand Pacific Hotel.

Boatman Robert P, farmer, res Conie Ave n e cor 13th.

Bodkin Wm J (Bodkin & Wold and Bodkin & Co), res 10th n w cor James.

Bodkin & Co (Wm J Bodkin, George N Lamphere), real estate Front s e cor 6th.

Bodkin & Wold (Wm J Bodkin, Stephen Wold), farm implements Front s e cor 6th.

Boisvert Alfred, carp, res w s White 3 s of Garroway.

Boman Frank, lab, res w s Ridge Ave 1 n of Douglas.

Borg John W, blksmith Anderson Bros, res Fargo.

Bottolfsen Ole, carp, res Grove n w cor Sharp.

Bowman John, bellboy Grand Pacific Hotel.

Boyd Daniel C, Mngr Moorhead Harness Co Front s w cor 6th, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Branch Louis B, fuel e s 4th 4 s of Front, bds Grand Pacific Hotel.

Branden Lena, domestic F J Burnham.

Brandt Theresa, domestic C A Nye.

Brattensborg Hans T, carp Anderson Bros, res w s 4th 4 n of Kennedy.

Brendemuhl Frederick, physician Hansen blk, rms same.

Briggs Frederick E, Law, Real Estate and Loans Grand Pacific Hotel, res Garroway n e cor 7th.

Briggs Rinaldo R, lawyer, res 8th s w cor Garroway.

Brockmeyer Rev Augustine, pastor St Joseph’s Church, res e s 4th 2 s of Kennedy.

Broderick Wm S, harnessmkr Moorhead Harness Co, res Fargo

Brown Albert A, bds Main s e cor 9th.

Brown Mrs Emma, res Main s e cor 9th.

Brown John P, clk Jay Cooke House.

Bruns Henry A, Pres Merchants Bank and Propr Grand Pacific Hotel.

Bryant Samuel W, packer R R Milling Co, bds David Wright.

Bull Jens, lab, bds Key City Hotel.

Burnett Alfred M, eng G N Ry, bds Farmer’s Home.

Burnham Elsie A (wid Ozro W), bds w s 4th 2 n of Main.

Burnham Frank J (Burnham & Tillotson), Pres First National Bank, res 5th n w cor Garroway.

Burnham Samuel, res w s 4th 2 n of Main.

Burnham Washington, bds 5th n w cor Garroway.

Burnham & Tillotson (Frank J Burnham, Wm R Tillotson), Lawyers First Nat’l Bank blk.

Burns James, driver J H Campbell, bds same.

Butler George, fireman Whipple Hall, bds same

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