A – 1891


Aahl Ole, lab, res e s 1st 2 n of Kennedy.

Adams Charles, eng R R Milling Co, res Fargo.

Aide Annie, domestic Nels Ovreboe.

Allen Ulric G, bkpr J H Campbell, bds same.

Alm Peder O, carp, res Overbie s w cor Howard.

Alsop Henry T, clk bds H W Alsop.

Alsop Henry W, dep co auditor, res s s Garroway 4 w of White.

Altenburg Wm J, expressrnan, res e s 4th 2 n of Kennedy.

Ambs Fred, saloon n s Front 5 e of 4th, res same.

American Express Co, P L Clarity agt, Grand Pacific Hotel.

Amundson Miss Brita, nurse, bds n s Sharp 1 e of Marion Ave.

Andeen John, carp, res 9th n w cor Washington.

Anderson Adam, bricklayer, res n s Howard 2 e of Grove.

Anderson Alexander, servant A A White.

Anderson Amelia, domestic Paul Van Vlissingen Jr.

Anderson Andrew, carp, res river bank nr Sharp.

Anderson Andrew G, shoemkr e s 4th 3 s of Front, res same.

Anderson August G (Anderson Bros), res w s Ridge Ave 2 s of William.

Anderson Bertha, domestic Moorhead House.

Anderson Bros (John H, Lars M and August G), Founders and Machinists w s 4th at N P R R crossing.

Anderson Carrie, domestic J P Hansen.

Anderson Charles, blksrnith, res e s 3d 1 n of James.

Anderson Charles, lab, bds n s South Ave 1 w of Broadway.

Anderson Charles, lab, res w s 9th 2 n of Garfield.

Anderson Charlotte, domestic John McLean.

Anderson Christian, jeweler Merchants Bank blk, bds Jay Cooke House.

Anderson Christian, lab Nels Overboe, bds same.

Anderson Edward D, mason, bds w s Bismarck 1 n of Pearl.

Anderson Gustaf, clk J F Holmes & Co, bds e s 4th 2 n of Kennedy.

Anderson Gustaf, janitor Hope Academy, bds same.

Anderson Gustaf, res e s 9th 2 n of Bernard.

Anderson Guttarm, carp, res Howard s e cor 10th.

Anderson Isaac F, clk E J Eckart & Co, bds e s 3d 1 n of James.

Anderson John, lab Stephen Wold, bds same.

Anderson John H (Anderson Bros), bds 4th n e cor Barlow.

Anderson John R, lab N P R R, res e s 8th nr William.

Anderson Lars, carp, bds w s 4th 4 n of James.

Anderson Lars M (Anderson Bros), res 4th n e cor Barlow.

Anderson Lena, waitress Grand Pacific Hotel.

Anderson Leonard, servant John McLean.

Anderson Louis, bartndr John Thompson, bds Fargo.

Anderson Nels (Blegen & Anderson), res e s 3d 4 s of James.

Anderson Nels, carp, bds 10th s e cor Pearl.

Anderson Ole, bartndr Hanson & Peterson.

Anderson Ole, lab, bds w s Bismarck 1 n of Pearl.

Anderson Olof W trav agt Anderson Bros, res e s 4th 2 n of Barlow.

Anderson Pierce, wiper G N Ry, bds Farmers Home.

Anderson Samuel, carp, res river bank nr Sharp.

Anderson Swen E, farmer, res e s 4th 2 n of Kennedy.

Anderson Thomas, lab, bds Moorhead House.

Anderson Tillie, cook Jay Cooke House.

Andreen Emma C, domestic E L Bjorkquist.

Andrews Robert S, roadmaster, res Front n e cor 12th.

Anstesen Live, domestic Simon Simonson.

Arcade Sample and Lunch Room, A E Daubner Propr, e s 8th 1 s of James.

Armstrong Leonard, bds w s 15th 1 n of Bernard.

Aschenbrenner Theresa, housekeeper Rev Augustine Brockmeyer.

Asselstine Fred G (Asselstine & Fischer), res 4th n e cor William.

Asselstine & Fischer (Fred G Asselstine, Vitalis Fischer), dry goods, Merchants Bank blk.

Astrom John F, lab, bds e s 12th 1 n of James.

Atwater Miss Bessie M, teacher Central School, bds 9th n e cor South.

Auxer Abraham, bds W B Auxer.

Auxer Willis B, laundry, w s 4th 4 n of Front, res same.

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