T – 1885

Thelander Emma, laundress, Grand Pacific hotel

Thomas Jacob, proprietor Canadian house

Thompson Andrew, policeman, h James cor First

Thompson Geo, foreman Fargo Lumber Co, h Eighth near James

Thompson Geo, waterman, b Fourth near Kennedy

Thompson Iver, section hand, b Garland cor Third

Thompson John, waterman, b Fourth near Kennedy

Thompson Jennie, waitress, Jay Cooke house

Thorboreon John, clerk, r Bergquist block

Thorgeanson Thora, laborer, r James near Fourth

Thorsen Andrew, yardman, Jay Cooke house

Thounes Pete, laborer, Northwest Point

Thuberg Rev I E, pastor Lutheran Evangelical Church, h Eighth cor Conie

Tillotson W R, (Burnham, M & T), r Front near Fourth

Titus Daniel, city justice, h Woodland Park near Garoway

Torgerson Samuel, county sup’t schools, office Court house, b James cor Tenth

Torgerson Stephen, h First cor Kennedy

Torkelson Peter, cook, Grand Pacific hotel

Torkelston August, laborer, Fourth bet James and Kennedy

Trothier Oscar, hostler at A A White’s, Woodland Park

Truitt James C, brickmaker, h Conie cor Broadway

Tufton Peter, (D & T), Moorhead House, Main

Tunsager Thora, b First north of Kennedy

Turnbull & Coleman, real estate, Eighth cor William,

J S Turnbull, John Coleman

Turner E S, (Boomer & T), Bank block, Front st

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