H – 1885

Haden George, hackdriver, b Sixth bet James and Front

Hadley Mrs, domestic, Front near Twelfth

Halverson Carrie, laundress, Grand Pacific Hotel

Hannabohle Fred, St Charles Hotel, Front

Hannafin Herbert, railroader, h Front near Broadway

Hansen Mrs Annie, domestic, Moorhead House

Hansen Bros, market, Front near Fourth

J P Hansen, Erick Hansen

Hansen Erick, (H Bros), Fifth cor William

Hansen Hans, saloon, Third cor James

Hansen John P, (H Bros), h Ridge cor Barlow

Hansen Mrs, laundry, h Broadway near James

Hansen Peter, boots and shoes, Bergquist block, h Front cor Sixth

Hansen J, carpenter, h Kennedy near Second

Hanson Jennie, domestic, Jay Cooke house

Hanson John, bartender, Jay Cooke house

Hanson Nels, barkeeper, Central hotel

Hanson Sophia, nurse at General Hospital

Hanstiger August, butcher, h James bet Third and Fourth

Harkins Neil, laborer, r William cor Eleventh

Harmond Nels N, hostler, cor Barlow and Fifth

Haroldson John, carpenter, h Ridge near Douglas

Haroldson Ole, laborer, b Ridge near Douglas

Hartery E W, grocer Fifth near Front

Hawkinson P W, pharmacist and druggist, Front near Fourth, b Jay Cooke House

Hedrick H P, head Waiter Grand Pacific Hotel

Heilman Emma, dressmaker, Ninth cor Front

Heilman Gusta, dressmaker, Ninth cor Front

Heilman Harry, telegrapher, b Ninth cor Front

Hetland Bernard, clerk, b Second near Kennedy

Hetland B J carpenter, h Second near Kennedy

Henselwood John P, civil engineer, Garoway bet Tenth and Eleventh

Herrick M, blacksmith, Fourth st, h Fourth cor Kennedy

Higgins Minnie, compositor, b Conie cor Ninth

Higgins W H, carpenter, h Conie cor Ninth

Hodges Geo, farmer, r First near James

Hodges W R, foreman Evening News, h First near James

Hodgkinson James, tinsmith, b Fifth near Front

Hoff Julius, shoemaker, h Front cor fourth

Hoit Walter D, clerk, b Fourth cor William

Holbeck Christian, Farmers Home, Broadway cor James

Holcomb B N, (H & Co), Eighth near William

Holes Andrew, real estate, h James near Sixth

Holm Charles, machinist, h James near Thirteenth

Holmes J F (J F H & Co), b Jay Cooke house

Holmes (J F H & Co), clothing, Kiefer block, Front

Holmes S A, general mdse, b Grand Pacific hotel

Holmgren J, hardware, Front near Fifth, b Jay Cooke house

Holzle Chris, brewer, b Garland cor Fourth

Hoops B M, h Kennedy cor Ninth

Hopkins Mrs, h Howard, Oak Grove

Hovland A, laborer, b Main near Bridge

Howind Mrs Toney, dressmaker, Ridge near Barlow

Hughson Mrs L A, h White, Woodland Park

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