D – 1885

Dahl J D, shoemaker, h James cor First

Dahl Olaf, clerk, b James near First

Dahl T H, laundry, Third near James, h Ninth near Conie av

Dahlquist John P, painter, b foot of Eighth st

Daly William, laborer, h Comstock near Howard

Darrow D C, physician, Lamb’s block, Fourth st

Daubner A E, bartender, b James near Fourth

Davenport Brothers, dentists, Front near city hall

Louis Davenport, C B Davenport

Davenport C B, ( D Bros), r Front near city hall

Davenport F L, insurance, Kiefer block, h James cor Second

Davenport Mrs Rachael A, Second cor James

Davenport Louis, (D Bros) r Front near city hall

Davis Hotel, Fifth cor James

Davis J E F , Homeopathic physician, Fifth cor James

Davis William, plasterer, h First cor Garland

Davy W H (W H D & Co), h Second near Kennedy

Davy W H & Co, grocers, Front cor Fifth

W H Davy, H Rogers

DeCamp Horace, register of deeds, h Ridge near Barlow

DeCamp O, policeman, h Douglas near Ninth

DeCamp Ralph, artist, b Ridge near Barlow

Dervinisson Paul, bartender, Grand Pacific Hotel

Devlin John, engineer, h Grove cor William

Dey Luther M, signal service, b Jay Cooke House

Dickey Rev Thos E, rector Bishop Whipple School

Donahue Mollie, dressmaker, Eighth cor Kennedy

Donahue Owen, farmer, h Eighth cor Kennedy

Doud Daniel, laborer, h Eleventh cor Main

Dougherty James, teamster, b Eighth cor Douglas

Dougherty Owen, laborer, b Eighth cor Douglas

Douglas James, farmer, h Fourth near Main

Douglas W B, (Mosness & D), h Fifth cor Barlow

Dradey John, general merchandise, Fifth cor Main, h same

DuBois Peter, clerk, b Fifth cor James

Dugan Michael (M Dugan & Co), saloon, Eight st near NPR

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