T – 1933 Village Residents


Name Village
Tanner A S Ulen
Thompson A N Barnesville
Thompson L J Hawley
Thompson O C Dilworth
Thompson The Company Barnesville
Thorson Kari Hawley
Thorson Knute Hawley
Thorstenson Halvor Hawley
Thrane Charley Barnesville
Thysell Albert N Hawley
Thysell Brothers Hawley
Thysell Carl J Hawley
Thysell Emil T Hawley
Tingdahl Theodore Estate Hitterdal
Torgerson Knute Hawley
Torgerson S A Hawley
Torgerson W O Hawley
Trantham W R Barnesville
Trovaten A A Company Barnesville
Trovaten F I Barnesville
Trovaten Mrs A A Barnesville
Trovaten Mrs Ben Barnesville
Tully D W Barnesville
Tully John Barnesville
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