G – 1915 City Directory


Gardner Alva H, emp Bristol & S, res 102 6th ave S

Garrity James A, atty E E Sharp, bds 305 4th st S

Gartner & Co, J B Stern mngr, Variety Store, 506 Front

Gaskell Don D, mngr Schmidt Brew Co, res 322 7th st S

Gates Elbert R, letter carrier, res 624 9th st S

Gates Melvin L, pres Empire Land Co, res Fargo

Gengler Paul, res 415 1st ave N

George Mary L (wid James), res 1111 2nd ave S

Georgiades John, restaurant 214 1st ave N, res same

Germsheid Felix H, plumber, res 702 7th ave S

Gertner Miss Elizabeth, bds 403 1st ave S

Gilbertson Anna T (wid Gilbert), bds 307 A st N

Gilbertson Oscar O, emp N P Ry, res 307 A st N

Gillespie E S, emp G N Ry, rms 116 2nd st N.

Gillespie Mrs Lottie, cook New Columbia Hotel

Gilligan Peter E, real estate 402 Front, rms same

Giroux Frank, emp J Lamb, res 215 4th st N

Gjarde Anna (wid Peter H), res 221 9th st S

Gjarde Miss Clara, stenog, bds 221 9th st S

Gjarde Miss Elma, student, bds 221 9th st S

Glaze Miss Bernice, stenog, bds 713 9th st S

Gletne Hjalmer, student, bds 721 5th st S

Gletne John A, real estate 402 Front, res 721 5th st S

Gletne Rudolph A, trav agt Penn Oil Co, bds 721 5th st S

Godfrey Edith D (wid Joseph V), res 611 8th st S

Goenner Miss Anna, opr N W Tel Co, bds 911 4th ave S

Goenner Miss Mildred, ernp M L Gates, bds 911 4th ave S

Goodsell Frederick, res 505 8th st S

Goodsell Walter O, trav agt, res 602 5th ave S

Gorman Johanna (wid James), res 414 2nd ave N

Gorman Margaret (wid Edward), res 211 3rd st N

Gorman Miss Mary, clk de Lendrecie Co, bds 211 3rd st N

Gosslee Gilbert L (Humphrey & Gosslee), res 819 10th st S

Govro Henry T, res 222 4th st S

Grabow Miss Olga, tchr 3rd Ward Sch, rms 614 8th st S

Grace M E Church, Rev F B Boone pastor, 2nd ave S cor 4th st

Grandskold George, clk G Eklund

Grandskold Miss Lillian, trimmer M Flaten, bds 116 4th st S

Grandskold Swan P (Akesson & Grandskold), res 224 10th st N

Granskov Arthur C, stenog, bds 320 6th st S

Granskov Christian, mngr Penn Oil & Supply Co, res 320 6th st S

Granskov Miss Elese, Stenog Penn Oil Co, bds 320 6th st S

Granskov Oscar E, student, bds 320 6th st S

Grasse Miss Edith H, tchr N D Agrl College, rms 107 6th st S

Grasse Harriet R (wid Herchmer W), observer U S Weather Bureau, res 107 6th st S

Gravalin Fred, res 15th st cor 7th ave N

Gravelle Theophile, bartndr W M Toole, res 311 1st ave N

Gray Burton E, carp, res 115 8th st S

Gray James M, porter House of Lords, bds 101 2nd ave S

Gray Martha V (wid George), bds 115 8th st S

Great Northern Express Co, W T Richardson agt, office G N Ry depot

Great Northern Ry Depot, R C Douglas agt, s s 1st ave bet 8th and 9th sts N

Green Miss Ethel, stenog Fargo Merc Co, bds 515 5th ave S

Green Frank H, bartndr Wilson & Larson, res 515 5th ave S

Gronaas Emil, clk O D Hilde, res Martinson blk

Gronaas Olaf, bds Martinson blk

Gronn Miss Anna, bds 1028 1st ave S

Gronn Miss Inga, bds 1028 1st ave S

Gronn Miss Lydia., bds 1028 1st ave S

Grossinger Katherine, domestic 323 7th st S

Grover Miss Evelyn, student, bds 824 5th st S

Grover Tone (wid Christian A), res 824 5th st S

Gulickson Theo, mngr Theo Hamm Brew Co, res 511 Front

Gullas Carl, farmer, res 900 5th ave N

Gund John Brewing Co, H Donaldson Mngr, 709 Front

Gunderson Benjamin, bartndr S Lundgren

Gunderson Gunild (wid Ovold B), res 1004 4th ave S

Gunderson Josephine (wid Martin H), res 615 9th st N

Gunderson Mary (wid Andrew), res 14 3rd st N

Gunderson Miss Sena, dressmkr, bds 1004 4th ave S

Gutaw Herman H, restaurant 15 4th st N, res same

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