D – 1915 City Directory


Dahl Miss Delia F, music tchr, bds 32 3rd ave S W

Dahl Miss Esther C, student, bds 32 3rd ave S W

Dali Miss Ida M, bds 32 3rd ave S W

Dahl Martin, emp N P Ry, rms 514 11th st N

Dahl Miss Millie H, supt of dormitories Normal Sch

Dahl Tobias H, trav agt, res 32 3rd ave S W

Dahms Arthur E, trav agt Hamm Brew Co, res 809 2nd ave S

Dakota Conservatory (Moorhead Branch), Miss MolIie Martinson mngr, 407 Front

Dammen Anton M, Mngr Moorhead Lmbr Co, res 922 8th st S

Dapper Miss Elizabeth, mngr W U T Co, bds 429 4th st S

Darrow Daniel C, physician 520½ Front, res 603 8th st S

Dart Albert C, bds 504 10th st S

Dart Frank M, emp Standard Oil Co, bds 504 10th st S

Dart Fred M, clk C M & st P, bds 504 10th st S

Dart George A, res 504 10th st S

Dart Miss Lois A, tchr, bds 504 10th st S

Dart M Curtiss, bds 504 10th st S

Daubenspeck John, emp H Zervas, rms 10 3rd st N

Davy Wm H, res 222 2nd st N

Day Charles, res 7½ 4th st N

Day Walter E, clk New Columbia Hotel

Deans Miss Belle M, tchr Normal Sch, rms 714 8th st S

Dehn Frank W, gardener, res 303 2nd st S

Dehn Leo M, clk, bds 303 2nd st S

Dehn Miss Rosa, bds 303 2nd st S

Deits Thomas H, painter, res 4th ave S 1st e 2nd st

Devenpeck Fred N, chef Belknap Dairy Lunch, res 107 2nd ave N

Devinger Miles, porter S G Johnson, rms same

Devitt Bertha (wid Michael), res 103 4th st N

Diemert Anthony C, bartndr S P Diemert, res 424 A st S

Diemert Simon P, saloon 105 1st st N, res 221 10th st S

Diemert Wm H, Pres W H Diemert & Co, res 504 6th st S

Diemert W H & Co, W H Diemert Pres, E Dietnert V Pres, J S Wambach Sec and Treas, Wholesale

Liquors and Cigars, 101-103.1st ave N

Dommer Carl, shoemkr 14 4th st N, res same

Dommer Ernest F, gardener, res 1217 6th st S

Dommer Frank R, bds 1217 6th st S

Donahue Jane (wid Owen), bds 221 10th st S

Donaldson Horace, Mngr J Gund Brewing Co, res 323 5th st S

Donaldson John P, restaurant 410 Front, res same

Donnett Henry L, bartndr Rathskeller, res 1st ave N cor 5th st

Doolittle Rev Charles H, pastor First Presbyterian Ch, res 505 2nd ave S

Doolittle Harry C, mach Dak Sash & D Co, res 505 2nd ave S

Dosland Christian G, lawyer 520½ Front, res 430 7th st S

Douglas Ralph C, agt G N Ry, res 515 10th st S

Doving Nels, emp Mnpls Brew Co, rms 415 Front

Dowd Daniel W, res 110 12th st S

Dowd Thomas W, switchman, bds 110 12th st S

Dowrey Samuel G, propr Rex Hotel, res same

Drayton Richard, res 116 9th ave S

Dredge Miss Belle, tchr Normal sch, rms 216 8th st S

Du Bord Miss Rose, clk O J de Lendrecie, rms 10 3rd st N

Dudrey Wm H, real estate, res 62 4th ave S W

Duluth Brewing Co, H E Schultz Dist Agt, H C Rogers City Agt, 10 4th st S

Duncan H Cecil, res 917 Front

Dunnweber Charles E, painter, res 503 12th st S

Dwyer Miss Catherine, tchr Central Sch, bds 1023 7th ave S

Dwyer Peter V, stenog Moorhead Natl Bank, bds 203 7th st S

Dyer Miss Dora A, student, bds 812 2nd ave N

Dyer James I, rural letter carrier, res 812 2nd ave N

Dyer Warren, student, bds 812 2nd ave N

Dyrendahl Miss Martha, res 512 9th st N

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