1905 Personal Tax Property

Until the mid-1960s, Minnesota taxed citizens’ personal property. Tax assessors visited each household and estimated the value of cattle, pianos, farming equipment, dogs, etc. held by the family. A tax based on the value was then assessed. This list records the name of each taxpayer in 1905; his or her Post Office; the village, township or city of residence; the school district lived in and the amount of personal property tax assessed. This list should include all householders and businesses in the county. However, spot checking against the 1905 Minnesota State Census shows that about 85% of the householders listed in the census are also listed on the tax list.

The taxpayers are listed alphabetically. Search on the links below. Numbers after the Post Office name refer to the Rural Route. Please remember that our transcribers may have mispelled names or made mistakes. Check alternative spellings. Some fields for some records are incomplete.

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